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About Kia

With so many Kia vehicles now gracing our highways, it’s no wonder people are asking what all the fuss is about.

It’s about a world of automotive excellence, where performance, safety, technology and after-market commitment to service are second to none.

Since 1995 New Zealanders have embraced the Kia brand, appreciating its European style and build quality without the hefty price tag. A comprehensive five year warranty really is the icing on the cake.

From humble beginnings as a bicycle part manufacturer, Kia Motors worked to become the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world, securing numerous awards for build quality.

The funky Kia Soul was voted in the top five coolest cars unleashed globally in 2009, continuing its reputation for innovation.

And let’s face it - looks do matter.

Dynamic style is the hallmark of the modern Kia after the appointment of world class designer Peter Schreyer (the vision behind the Audi TT and new VW Beetle) - it’s Schreyer’s belief that cars are no longer just a means of transport but also a lifestyle expression.

Southland Vehicle Sales Kia are passionate about the Kia brand for a reason - we’re a fussy bunch and, if it didn’t exceed our high expectations, we wouldn’t be selling it.

If you want more new car for your money, talk to Richard today.

Benefits and Technology

Whether it’s the impact on the environment or your wallet, fuel consumption is a major consideration when buying a vehicle. That makes Kia a wise choice given its most fuel’efficient models boast consumption figures similar to those achieved by their Hybrid counterparts ’ without the performance compromise.

Innovative technology isn’t limited to its vehicles; Kia Motors’ eight factories are recognised as employing some of the world’s most eco-friendly production technology.

Kia Motors operates four factories in Korea producing over 1 million vehicles annually, two factories in China, a factory in Slovakia and a new plant in the United States.

That commitment to quality continues long after the car is sold.

“Fixing it right the first time“ isn’t just a slogan, it’s the philosophy that drives Kia’s global service network ’ including the experienced workshop team at Southland Vehicle Sales Kia. They’re equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to detect and repair problems efficiently and get you back on the road with minimum fuss. ...

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