MTA Overview

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) represents over 4000 automotive industry professionals throughout New Zealand.

MTA people are dedicated technicians, vehicle sales and service staff who work in a professionally equipped and managed environment. Their priority is ensuring happy motorists who are kept safely on the road with a minimum of inconvenience.

Established in 1917, the MTA is a membership-based organisation covering every facet of the industry - from general repair workshops, service stations and car sales dealerships to affiliated specialists like alternative fuel providers.

Its goal is simple: to help motoring businesses succeed. To do that the MTA educates members on technical developments and law changes and offers business and technical training to expand ihe industry skill base.

The MTA also represents the interests of motorists and its members, acting as a lobby group to government and other agencies.

Few other industry organisations are viewed as more representative or credible as the MTA - a reputation proudly upheld for nearly a century.

Ultimately, the public benefits. When a customer uses an MTA member, they’re assured of the top service guaranteed by the association’s Customer Promise.

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Richard Murrell’s Involvement in the MTA

Southland Vehicle Sales co-owner Richard Murrell was on the MTA Board from 2005 to 2012 - the latter two as national president.

He's unashamedly proud of the motor trade industry and excited about its future. "The global recession changed the world and we needed to evolve to enable all of our businesses to emerge positively – that was a challenge I was keen to embrace." Teamwork is the hallmark of Southland Vehicle Sales which continued to gain market share throughout the recession.

" I'm proud of my association with the MTA and that's reflected in my own ventures adopting its values – the car sales dealership, the fuel station and the workshop." Richard has been on the board of the Southland MVDI equivalent from 1993 to 2005, and continues his seat on the executive of the Southland MTA to this day.

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